As trainers, we want to keep learning and growing. Evaluation is a chance for us to get feedback from participants about their experience.

Duur: 5-15 minutes Groepsgrootte: 5-50 people

As your time permits, there are three different layers of evaluation:

  • In-person evaluation at the end of the training. This can be a simple “T chart”: where you write list on the left side feedback from people about “what went well in this training”, and the right side is “what suggestions do you have if we were to do this training again.”
  • Participant written evaluation. Depending on the group, this can be sent out digitally in a webform so you can have all the data in one place. If you use a printed form people can write responses immediately and you tend to get more responses. (See below for example questions.)
  • A brief written summary of the training from the facilitators. This is for your own records, reports, debriefing, and reference for the next training.

Note: Evaluations are best done as soon as possible while the information is still fresh in everyone’s minds. Participants tend to forget exactly what happened very quickly.

The basic idea of feedback: first ask what was accomplished (what content was covered, and look back at the agenda, to refresh people’s memory), then ask about things that could have been better.

Remember, participants will all have different “learning styles” so an activity that is useful for one person might not be useful for another, and that is okay. Not every activity will work for every participant.


Example participant evaluation questions:


  • Overall, what did you get out of the training? Were your personal goals met? Why or why not?
  • If you had to pick one aspect of the training that was the most important for you, what would it be?
  • These were the group goals of the training (list goals). How did we all do in achieving these group goals (provide space to respond to each line. Can also do a 1-10 evaluation with 1 representing things like “did not achieve” and 10 representing things like “achieved completely”)?
  • What were the most important skills you developed in this training?
  • At the end of this training I feel ______. (Emotions/your heart says…)


  • Please rate from 1-10 each of the major sections of content (list sections) in terms of value.
  • Do you have any changes you would suggest for any of the above sections?
  • Is there anything specific you would change about any of these sections?


  • Overall, what was your experience of the facilitation?
  • Specific feedback for ______ (separate spaces for personalized feedback for each facilitator).

Note: these questions should be written specifically based on the training you are giving.

Considerations for facilitator evaluation:

  • Did this training achieve its goals?
  • How did recruitment go? Was this the right group of participants?
  • How did this training achieve your organising goals? Other kinds of achievements?
  • What is your assessment of participant feedback? Anything specific to learn from?
  • What were some difficult moments? What can you learn from them — both about how you handled them well, and how you might have handled it differently?
  • What was a moment you felt was effective, or maybe even were a little proud of what you did? What did you do that made that so effective?